How to use my Domain Email with Hotmail

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How to use my Domain Email with Hotmail. Hey, Do you need to learn about this topic? Then be ready to follow my steps and take action. Because this step training has begun.

Ok, guys, I´m going to start by assuming that you already have a Hotmail account, email account, and a Domain Name email account, or a Yahoo account, or a… Gmail account, ok?

So once you have those 2, the first thing you want to do is go to the gear icon, click on it, and then options, click on options.

Gear Icon

Click safe and blocked senders, first off, click safe senders, and then you are going to add, your email address, your new email address, to the safe senders and domains list.

In our case, its going to be a domain. So, I´m going to put it. My domain name is Joaquin Palacios, like my name, so I´m going to add it to the list on our right. I click on add to list, and there you go, here it is.

The 2nd step is, you go back to the options part, ok? Click on your email accounts, because you´re going to add the new one.

Ok, and then, click this button Add a send-and-receive account, because we want to add an email account in order to send and receive, not only to send.

I click on it; this is how I want my name to appear, and my email address is a demo account. My password. Again…

And then you have to click on advanced options. This is how I want my name to appear again, my email address, and I need to configure the POP3 server information or incoming server; so I´m going to change this one, the one that´s given to me by default.

And I´m going to go to my notes pad, and grab the information; information that I previously took from my HostGator account; this is where I host my domain name.

In your case, you´ll have to go back to your domain name hosting account and grab the name servers. In every case, its going to be different.

So in my case, is this one. This is the POP 3 server. I was doing the other server, the outgoing server, so this is incoming.

The port is 995, and this is the name server I´m going to use. I copy it 995 like I previously looked or watched. I paste the name server.

I´m going to leave these 2 checked off because we are going to use a secure server, and we want to leave a copy of the messages we receive in the server, because that way, we can check them out and read them from any device; be it a smartphone, laptop computer, desktop, whatever you use.

So now, oh my username is the email address I use, the password.

And now we are going to configure the SMTP or outgoing server. I go back to my notepad and yeah, I´m going to use this one, this information.

I copy it, the port is 465, 465 as you can see, this is a secure server, and I´m going to erase this one, this server address and put the new server address again, the one I got from HostGator.

The account I have where I host my domain name. And, send email using your provider´s server. You want to leave this like it is, and also, you are going to leave this like it is. Ok? checked off, and I click on next.

If I did something wrong, its going to tell me right here. If it didn´t, that means I´m doing it right. I´m going to create a folder named, like my domain name. And, then I click save.

Now you can send and receive messages from this account.

I´m going to click the go to your inbox. And as you can see, here I have a new folder. I click on it, and its empty.

So now, I´m ready to send and receive an email from my Outlook or Hotmail account. But first, you must login Hotmail account.

Thank you, talk soon.

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