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Email. Nobody really likes it. Yet we all have to use it. Most of us use it daily. Now after years of signing up for services accidentally leaving the newsletter box checked through check out etc… Our inboxes get mighty full with total crap. Yet since these spam emails come from real legitimate companies like Amazon, Apple and the like it. Doesn’t ever hit our spam folder rather it goes straight to our inbox. So today I’m going to teach you how to make your inbox clean. And prevent those unwanted emails from coming into your inbox in the future.

#1: Use unroll.me

The first step to eliminating unwanted email subscriptions is through an awesome service called unroll.me. Navigate to Unroll.me by following the link. Now unroll.me is free and it works across all of the major email providers.

Click get started and then you’ll have to enter your email. You’ll probably be prompted to enter your email service password.


As well, don’t worry the password is stored securely. But you can also delete your unroll.me account at any time if you so desire.

Unroll.me will begin to scan your email inbox and deleted folder for a comprehensive┬álist of the newsletters that you’re subscribed to.

To the right of every subscription there are two buttons.

There is the unsubscribe button which will remove you from the mailing list completely.

And that’s the one that I’d recommend though there is also a button called add to roll-up. This takes all of the spammy newsletters and combines them into one email that unroll.me will send you daily.

Now this could be handy if you want a little digest of a few shopping websites. That you’d like to keep under your radar. Without being bombarded with multiple emails each and every day.

Now unroll.me will do the majority of the work and should eliminate pretty much all of your subscriptions.

#2:Use alias.

Now to the important part. Making sure that this kind of fluff never happens again. now as a general rule of thumb you should never use your actual email when signing up for new services.

Weird right. You can if you know that it’s going to be a website that you’ll use in the long term but instead you should use an alias.

For example I have an alias junk at snazzylabs.com which redirects to my main email accounts trash bin. Automatically I never see those emails.

But when I sign up for a new service I’ll use that they usually. Send a verification email so I simply navigate to my email inbox trash, find the verification email, click the link. And boom, I have a quote-unquote verified account.

Now most services will allow you to set up an alias in your email settings account. But Gmail is a little bit different. Gmail has what they call infinite aliases in that if you put a plus sign after your email username. But before the add gmail.com extension, that email will still arrive in your Inbox.

It’s kind of confusing but if you sent an email to thatsnazzyiPhoneguy+@hello@gmail.com. It will still arrive to my email account.

Now things get useful. When you create rules for specific alias extensions.

For example if I navigate to the browser-based gmail client. In the search field I can type the email address that I want to use for future newsletters.

So I can type let’s say 2 colon parentheses thatsnazzyiPhoneguy+junk@gmail.com and then I’ll end the parentheses.

Then I click the small down arrow and click create filter with this search.

When the message arrives I can Auto archive it and mark it as read. That way you’ll still have access to those verification links or newsletters that you may need access to at a later date.

But they won’t disrupt your email inbox and unless you specifically look for them. You’re never going to find them.

Doing all of this can take an hour so but it is so well worth it in the long run. Now you know how to clean up your email inbox and make sure that it stays that way.

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