Facebook Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

I got tons and tons of requests to do something similar for Facebook. So after many hours of scouring and testing.  I’m happy to bring you my favorite tricks for Facebook. Let’s get right into it. #1 Blink the bee. Is essentially a bot that you can message on Facebook. And it will automatically keep

Things make everyone hate you on Facebook

Are you getting tired of Facebook or at least some of your friends’ behavior on it? There is no denying that Facebook is now one of the most popular social networks on the planet, with more than 1 billion active users. And along with that widespread popularity, we cannot ignore some of the misbehavior of

How to protect against scam on Facebook?

In recent times, many people have been hacked on Facebook by bad guys, who will lie victim’s relatives/friends to take money/property from them. Unlike the previous Yahoo trick, with Facebook, once a password and account has been compromised, the bad guys will know a lot about the owner of the account as well as their

How to check your private information collected by Facebook?

Do not expect this removal will help you see ads less than before doing it, it simply changed from an advertisement of Facebook to another advertisement on Facebook. Facebook collects a huge amount of personal information from each user, it can be phone, computer, operating system, or what web browser you use, or whether you

2 useful tips in interacting with friends on Facebook

You have many relative and friends on Facebook friends, there are many problems occurred when interacting with them, here are some useful Facebook tips needed to remember in some special circumstance. Tips to help find out who unfriend or stop using Facebook. If you see your Facebook friends drop down, the free Who deleted me

2 new applications of Facebook needed to be known

At this moment, more than 1 billion people used Facebook application, but there are many applications of Facebook is useful. This article will tell you two new apps. Find Wi-fi The Wi-Fi hotspot feature was created with the goal of helping users stay connected to the Internet and online on Facebook. To use this feature,

2 necessary Facebook features with everyone

You spend hours to surf Facebook, this article will tell you 2 essential Facebook features you need to know, it is inserting emoji and data saver. Remember that not both of these features can be used on Facebook application on smartphone. Tip to save 3G / 4G traffic when accessing Facebook on your smartphone. With

Shut down the computer and quit Facebook!

The more time you spend on Facebook, the lower the level of satisfaction with your life and the more negative emotions. A warning is given by researcher after their study of the using of facebook. When you press the “Like” button on your Facebook friends, do you really like it? Witnessing the lives of your

How to hide/ unhide a post on Facebook?

Deleting a post on Facebook is pretty easy, but sometimes this is not the best solution, especially if you want to review it in the future. This article will give you a best solution. In the addition, we will tell you how to see hided content at Facebook timeline. Both of these can be done

How to block notification of group on Facebook?

How does Facebook not bother you with junk messages from groups you have joined? The answer is to customize your Facebook group settings. When you join a new group on Facebook, by default you will receive all notifications from that group. That means your message center can contain a series of unnecessary messages whenever someone