Customer Service: How to Contact Hotmail support

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You have problems with your Hotmail account, you searched Google, Bing… but still did not solve the problem. Find out how to contact Hotmail support to get help with any issues.

Now, Now, Hotmail has become a part of Outlook, so you can just connect to Outlook support to get all the help.

Contact Hotmail Support: Microsoft’s new Virtual Agent:

To contact Hotmail and Outlook tech support: https://support.microsoft.com/contactus/

Contact Hotmail support

Then click GET STARTED:

I’m Microsoft’s new Virtual Agent. I’m still in training and I’d love to help you. You can also ask to talk to a person at any time. Please briefly describe your issue below.

And now, you can ask her all questions about your problems. She will support you step by step, and she also gives suggestions about your problem. I think you will like her.

How to get in touch with Microsoft:

To get in touch with Microsoft for Hotmail tech support or receive help from other users:

1.Check Outlook.com’s status for known issues.

  • You can also report new problems sending and receiving mail or signing in directly.
  • Do not ask for help and do not expect a reply if you report a problem there; do expect Microsoft to work on resolving any issues immediately, though.

2. Connect the Hotmail account on the Microsoft Community.
3.Make sure Search the Community is selected for the search field.

4.Enter your problem in the search field.Click to find answers.

5.See if your question for support has already been asked.

  • If it has, check for solutions and answers or click Me Too under Had this question if the questions has not yet been satisfactorily answered.

6.Click Create under Create your own question or discussion.

7.Type the headline for your support request under Title.

8.Enter your problem, question and support request under Details.

9.Select the category where your question best fits under Topic.

10.Select Post a question.

11.Also make sure Notify me when someone responds to this post is checked so you get alerts to new replies.

Click Submit.

Microsoft contact number:

Note: Microsoft does not support phone calls, so all the numbers you find are SCAM.

Scam Hotmail contact number.
Scam Hotmail contact number.
 Updated December 2017.
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