How to Create a Contact Group/Distribution List In Outlook

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Today I’m going to show you how to create a contact group which you might know as a distribution list in Outlook 2013.

So starting here in my inbox making sure that my ribbon is visible I will click on address book in the Home tab.

In the dialog box that pops up, you’ll want to go to the file button and click new entry and click new contact group and ok.

So to add people to my new group or my list, here I’ll click the add members button and select from the address book.

You can pick any one of these options, but address book is probably the easiest.

Now I’ll go through and select the members that I want to have on my distribution list. And I’ll double-click on each name so it appears in the member’s field at the bottom of this window.

Once you’ve added all the members you want to have in your group click OK, and then you’ll name the list.

Once, you’re done click Save and close.

And now, when you write a new email you can select your group that you just created.

Hope that tip helped for more tips and tricks like this one on office 365 and office 2013 to login Hotmail and send Hotmail email. Please check back howtoget.wiki to need more help.

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