Five Tips for Creating an Organized Outlook Inbox

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Hello today we’re going to cover five quick tips for keeping yourself organized and outlook. Applying even one of these tips can help you be faster and more functional in your newly revamped outlook. But applying all of them can really change how you handle your email for the better.

#1 Rearrange my folders and outlook.

In the past, Outlook limited folder organization to alphabetical order, but that’s no longer the case.

If you’ve been using outlook for a long time now. You might not even have tried this because it was alphabetical for so long. But now I can just drag and drop folders like this organizing them.

However I want place your highest priority and most often utilized folders near the top of the list. Which will save you a lot of time having to scroll through the list every time you need to open a specific folder.

#2 Create a separate folder for your CC’d emails

You probably receive emails all the time. That aren’t addressed directly to you but rather that you’ve been CC’d on because it’s corporate policy or just because people are trying to keep you in the loop.

Likely these are less important than emails directed to you personally.

So I like to create an inbox cc folder for these messages then click on rules and create a new rule.

Under the Advanced Options select the “When my name is not in the to box” and make sure those messages get sent to the inbox CC folder. Then, you can review messages you were CC’d on at a convenient time rather than having them cluttering up your inbox.

#3 Change the time required to mark a message as read

I like to change the criteria that outlook requires in order to mark a message as read. Otherwise I can click into an email for half a second do something else and never actually read the email in-depth. But the program still marks it as read.

So, head into your Options and then go to the Mail tab. Click on the Reading pane and then you can change the default time an item has to be in the reading pane before it is marked as read.

If the default of 5 seconds is a little short for you, you can bump it up to around 15, although you can of course decide what length works for you.

#4 Archive mail

I’d like to talk about the archiving mail feature. If your inbox is constantly getting cluttered, you should dump the contents of your inbox to your archive regularly in order to get back to a clean slate. Head to the File menu and choose Options, then click into the Autoarchive settings.

Here, you can set up how often you want the autoarchive feature to clean your inbox, keeping your clutter to a minimum.

#5 Make unread messages pop

I find the default display settings for messages too subtle, I like to be able to see more quickly whether a message is unread or not. I can do this by going to the View settings up and then to Conditional Formatting. And I can select the unread messages rule and adjust this so that unread messages stand out much more in my inbox.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful. If you have any questions just let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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