3 steps to transfer data from Gmail to Hotmail

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 If you are using Gmail, now want to use Hotmail often, you can make the data transfer from Gmail to Hotmail in just 3 simple steps:

Gmail đến hotmail
Gmail to hotmail

Step 1: Sign up Hotmail

You need to sign up for a new Hotmail account with the domain hotmail.com or live.com. To do that, go to http://hotmail.com, click Sign Up to register a new email address or go directly to http://goo.gl/rJz0g. If you already have a Hotmail inbox, you can skip this step.

sign up hotmail, create hotmail
Sign up Hotmail, create Hotmail

Step 2: Import mail and contacts from Gmail into Hotmail.

When you have a Hotmail account, you need to import your received mail, contacts and calendar from Gmail into Hotmail for easier management. The TrueSwitch online tool will help you do this most quickly. To do this step, go to http://secure5.trueswitch.com/hotmail-demo . You enter your Gmail and Hotmail account in both the GMAIL ACCOUNT and HOTMAIL ACCOUNT fields. When entering your Username, please include your full email address (including the domain after the @).

Nhập thư và địa chỉ liên hệ từ Gmail vào Hotmail
Import mail and contacts from Gmail into Hotmail

In How many emails should we import, you select All (transfer all the data on Gmail to Hotmail) or Last 14 days. If you have finished, click Next and wait a moment.

If the login information is filled correctly on the two services, you will receive the message Congratulations, you’re done! After that, the process of importing data from Gmail to Hotmail will be done automatically, you do not need to set up more.

Copying data from Gmail to Hotmail will be completed within 24 hours. Until the transfer process is done, a notification will be sent to your Hotmail address.

You can now use your Hotmail inbox to send and receive mail, and the elder Gmail messages will also be available in Hotmail for you to review your old mail as needed. If you want to use Hotmail as a backup mailbox specialized from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, AOL, you need to do step 3. If you don’t, your job is done.

Step 3: Set up automatic mail from Gmail, Yahoo!

Mail and many other mail services Hotmail allows you to combine multiple messages from multiple mailboxes into a single Hotmail mailbox, similar to managing multiple mailboxes on Windows Live Mail.

At the Hotmail interface, click on the jagged icon in the Inbox, select Get email from another account.

Next, click Add an email account and then enter the login information into the mailbox automatically. After the process is Done, click Next and wait for Hotmail to connect to the email address. If the connection fails, click Advanced options to manually specify details such as POP, SMTP, etc.

When the connection is successful, Hotmail mailbox will receive email, which is sent to the registered mailbox.

On the Add an email account page, tick the box A separate folder to group the messages from a mailbox into a specific folder for each account, and then click Save to save. You do the same when you need to add more mailboxes to Hotmail.

Thiết lập thư tự động từ Gmail, Yahoo! Thư

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